Hi I’m Angela Taddeo, and I have always loved

being creative.


When my daughter Sarah was little, I enjoyed

wrapping birthday gifts so she could give them to

her friends. I would decorate the wrapped gifts with a beautiful handmade paper flower. The children and parents loved the flowers. Years later the parents would say to me ‘my daughter still has the beautiful flower in her bedroom.' 

That was my aha moment.

I wanted to create a DIY Paper Flower Decoration that was easy to assemble and would be enjoyed world wide. After many exhausting hours, endless amounts of florist wire, paper, string, tape and stem options. I finally came up with a unique way of attaching a paper flower to a wooden stem. I patent the invention and ButterflyBLOOM the company name & logo was Trade marked.    


I have had the absolute pleasure working and embarking on this exciting journey with a talented Graphic Designer Natasha Tomlian. 


Angela Taddeo